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stop hesitating


hanjae. chibi. insert-nickname-here. whatever :Dv

gemini. blunt, snarky, and competitive. likes abusing amy and is generally a lazy ass. tends to ramble about favourite shiny boys and current dramas & interests. slightly insane and likes crack of all kinds. loves procrastinating and exercising freedom of speech whenever she could. is currently an archaeology major at university and will probably pwn you all someday :D ♫

loves; pandas. marathoning dramas. reading. watching soccer. photoshopping. singing. pwning. awesome hairstyles. not working. hong kong. clothes shopping. her phone. gummy bears. soup. fat babies. kvariety. music. gaming.
fangirling; kim jongdae. kim jaejoong ♥. jyj. ian somerhalder. yoo ah in. fernando torres. k.will. kim bum soo. fly to the sky. tim. the brian. je. arashi.
dramas; sungkyunkwan scandal. faith. panda and hedgehog. brain. heartstrings. ob/gyn. family's honor. yi san. 9 end 2 outs. dal ja's spring. iryu. nodame cantabile. steps. gong. pi li mit. my queen. bump off lover.

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