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Korean Boybands / Male Groups 2003 - Present

Listed by order of debut date! One or two of them aren't strictly boyband, more like male group, but w/e.

Dong Bang Shin Ki
Debut: December 26, 2003
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: Jung Yunho (U-Know; Leader), Kim Jaejoong (Hero), Park Yoochun (Micky), Kim Junsu (Xiah), Shim Changmin (Max)
Official Fanclub: Cassiopeia [Korea], Bigeast [Japan], Global Cassiopeia [International]
Official Colour: Pearl Red
Links: All About DBSK, Soompi Thread, DBSG LJ Community
Videos: Hug MV, Rising Sun MV, Holding Back The Tears MV, "O"-Jung.Ban.Hap MV, MIROTIC MV
Recommendations: DBSK has a vast number of great songs not limited to their featured MVs. For some of their ballads, try Bolero, Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?, One, Wasurenaide, Yeo Haeng Gi, Love in the Ice or Evergreen, and for more up-tempo tracks, try Wicked Woman (Are you A Good girl?), CRAZY LOVE, Hi Ya Ya or Wrong Number.

T.H.E STORY (더 스토리)
Debut: June 15, 2005
Management Company: Genics / Doremi Media (Label)
Members: Bak Su Hyo (Leader), Dong Hwan, Jin Su, Jin Woong
Ex-member(s): Ahn Sun Yong / Yoon (Currently in B2Y), Kim Dong Hyuk, Yoon Sang Hoon
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Rain Song MV

Debut: June 25, 2005
Management Company: DSP Entertainment
Members: Kim Hyun Joong (Leader), Kim Kyu Jong, Heo Young Saeng, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Joon
Official Fanclub: Triple S
Official Colour: Pearl Light Green
Links: Soompi Thread, Quainte International Forum
Videos: Warning MV, Snow Prince MV, Unlock MV, Deja Vu MV, Love Like This MV
Recommendations: If you like upbeat pop tracks, you might enjoy Coward or You Are My Heaven, or for dance tracks, U R Man. Fans of slower songs will find that there aren't too many from SS501, but FIND and Wings of the World are nice samples from what they do have.

Debut: September 23, 2005
Management Company: NH Media
Members: P.O, Ace, Ryan (Leader), A.J, Neo
Official Fanclub: Blue Ciel
Official Colour: Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue
Links: Soompi Thread, Paranboys LJ Community, Paran International Forum
Videos: First Love MV, Your Heart Is Beating Inside Me MV, Five Steps MV, Don't Cry MV
Recommendations: Aside from tracks featured in their MVs, Paran displays their vocal abilities in tracks such as White Love, See You Again, or Missing Number, Footprint, and A Suit. The latter are all from their newest album, U.R.M.S.

Super Junior
Debut: November 06, 2005
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: Eeteuk (Leader), Heechul, Han Geng (Hankyung), Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shiwon, Kibum, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
Sub-unit members: Zhou Mi, Henry
Official Fanclub: E.L.F (Everlasting Friends)
Official Colour: Pearl Sapphire Blue
Links: Soompi Thread, Super Junior LJ Community
Videos: Miracle MV, Twins (Knock Out) MV, U MV, Don't Don MV, Sorry Sorry MV
Recommendations: Try Happiness, It's You, Tic! Toc! or Success for popular up-tempo tracks. For slower songs, try Endless Moment, Let's Not, or Our Love.

Big Bang
Debut: August 19, 2006
Management Company: YG Entertainment
Members: G-Dragon (Leader; Kwon Jiyong), Taeyang (Dong Youngbae), T.O.P (Choi Seunghyun), Daesung (Kang Daesung), Seungri (Lee Seunghyun)
Official Fanclub: V.I.P
Official Colour: Bandana & Light Stick
Links: Soompi Thread, YG Big Bang LJ Community, YGBB Forum
Videos: La-La-La MV, Lies MV, Last Farewell MV, Sunset Glow MV
Recommendations: For other well-known Big Bang tracks, try Dirty Cash, Haru Haru and Number 1.

Xing (Old)
Note: Xing experienced many member changes. They were completely "reformed" in 2008 with a new set of members after all the old ones left. For the current Xing, scroll down to "Xing (New)." This differentiation is for your convenience only.

Debut: December 14, 2006
Management Company: Xing Entertainment
Member(s): Kevin, Yume, Marumir, Cheon Hyesung, Poppin' Dragon
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: In Your Hands MV, Eojjeodaga MV, My Girl MV, T Express MV
Recommendations: Their first two songs, In Your Hands and Eojjeodaga were their best. However, if you like bubblegum pop, then you will also find later singles more to your taste.

Battle (배틀)
Debut: December 17, 2006
Management Company: Good Entertainment
Members: Ryu (Leader), Taehwa, Lio, Chris, Hwichan
Ex-member(s): Kihyun
Official Fanclub: Battle Destiny [Unofficial]
Official Colour: Pearlescent Gold
Links: Soompi Thread, Battle LJ Community
Videos: Crash (Crazy In Love) MV, Tell Me! MV, Step By Step MV
Recommendations: Aside from their MV-featured songs, Hey Yo and Flying Up are more up-tempo songs, while Troubled Heart and Icarus are nice slow songs from them. Icarus in particular is reminiscent of Shinhwa's slower tracks.

Debut: April 14, 2007
Management Company: J&H Media
Members: Son Ho Jun (Leader), Jeong Jung Gyun, Kang Dae Gyu
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: Feel Your Breeze MV

Monster (몬스터)
Debut: April 17, 2007
Management Company: Monster World Entertainment
Members: Heaven (Jung Seung Hyun), Real (Bae Joon Ryul), Gaho (Son Young Gon)
Ex-member(s): David (Cho Dong Gook), Kangmin (Lee Min)
Official Fanclub: Unknown
Official Colour: Black
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: Sajin Sok Nawa Darmeun Geu... MV, Soul MV

F.T Island
Debut: June 07, 2007
Management Company: F&C Music
Members: Choi Jonghun (Leader) Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin, Choi Minhwan, Song Seung Hyun
Ex-member(s): Oh Wonbin
Official Fanclub: Primadonna
Official Colour: Yellow flags (Pentasticks)
Links: Soompi Thread, F.T Island LJ Community, Loveft-i Site
Videos: Love Sick MV, After Love MV, Bad Woman MV, I Hope MV
Recommendations: F.T Island has a number of great rock ballads, such as One Word, Thunder, Boy Meets Girl, Until You Return and Heaven. For pop-styled tracks, you might like to try Neoreul Saranghae (Love is...), Primadonna and Reo Reo.

BAY (베이)
Debut: June 19, 2007
Management Company: ABLE Entertainment
Members: Ga Ul (Vocal), Jae Min (Bass), Sung Jong (Guitar), Won Suk (Drums)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: To Music MV, Goodbye Days MV, Traffic Light MV (Robbers OST)

Debut: July 19, 2007
Management Company: 2Step Entertainment
Members: Shin Min Chul, Kim Joon (Kim Hyung Joon), Park Yun Hwa
Official Fanclub: Mighty Max
Official Colour: Pearl Midnight Blue
Links: Soompi Thread, TMaxers Forum
Videos: Blooming MV, Lion Heart MV, Paradise MV (Boy's Over Flowers OST), Want MV

Supernova (Cho Shin Sung)
Debut: September 21, 2007
Management Company: MNet Media
Members: Jung Yoon Hak (Leader), Kim Sung Je, Kim Gwang Su, Yoon Sung Mo, Song Ji Hyuk, Park Geon Il
Official Fanclub: MILKY*WAY [Japan]
Official Colour: Pearl
Links: Soompi Thread, Stargaze Forum
Videos: HIT MV, Goodbye MV, Super Star MV

I the Tri Top's
Debut: October 19, 2007
Management Company: Paramount Entertainment
Members: Ban Hyung Moon (Leader), Jang Yoo Joon
Ex-member(s): Kim Il Goon
Official Fanclub: TriStar
Official Colour: Unknown
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: Green Frog MV, To My Girlfriend MV, The Words to Express My Love MV
Recommendations: It's a pity that I the Tri Top's hasn't released much, but they've made up for it by putting out only quality tracks. Fans of ballads will like their music; personal picks include Calling Love and She's A Wizard.

Debut: May 25, 2008
Management Company: SM Entertainment
Members: Onew (Leader), Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin
Official Fanclub: SHINee World
Official Colour: Pearlescent Sky Blue
Links: SHINeee International Forum, Soompi Thread, SM_SHINee LJ Community
Videos: Noona Is So Pretty (Replay) MV, Ah.Mi.Go MV, Juliette MV, Ring Ding Dong MV, Lucifer MV
Recommendations: Jonghyun's solo, Hyeya (Y Si Fuera Ella) is definitely worth a try. For other non-featured tracks, try In My Room, Graze and Four Seasons.

Debut: July 11, 2008
Management Company: JYP Entertainment
Members: Jo Kwon, Lim Seul Ong, Jung Jin Woon, Lee Chang Min
Official Fanclub: I AM
Official Colour: Pearl Black/Metallic Grey
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: This Song MV, What Should I Do MV, Confession of a Friend MV, I Did Wrong MV

DNT (Dragon N Tiger)
Debut: August 12, 2008
Management Company: Orange Entertainment
Members: Moon Joon Young (Leader), Kwon Tae Ku, Park Byung Kyu, Lee Dong Wook
Ex-member(s): Jung Chi Ho (Called for military service)
Official Fanclub: Unknown
Official Colour: Chocolate
Links: Hobutt's Pimp Post, Soompi Thread, DNT Forums
Videos: Two People and Thereafter MV, I'm A Lover MV, Crazily Pretty MV, The Love In My Heart MV

Debut: August 14, 2008
Management Company: TN Entertainment
Members: World (Leader), Naru, Jerry, Han Bang, Cheon Woo, Hero
Official Fanclub: smaSHE
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, Smashing Forums
Videos: Emergency MV, Never Ending Story MV

Debut: August 28, 2008
Management Company: NH Media
Members: Kevin, Kim Kibum (Marumir), Soo Hyun, Alexander (Sandeo), Dong Ho, Eli (Kyung Jae), Lee Ki Sub
Official Fanclub: Kiss Me
Official Colour: Pink / Clear balloons with lip prints (?)
Links: Soompi Thread, Rocketboxx Forums
Videos: Not Young MV, I Like You MV, Man Man Ha Ni MV, Shut Up! MV

Debut: September 04, 2008
Management Company: JYP Entertainment
Members: Kim Junsu, Nichkhun Horvejkul, Ok Taecyeon, Jang Wooyoung, Lee Junho, Hwang Chansung
Ex-member(s): Park Jaebum
Official Fanclub: HOTTEST
Official Colour: Metallic Grey
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: 10 Points Out of 10 MV, Only You MV, Again & Again MV, Don't Stop Can't Stop

Xing (New)
Debut: October 29. 2008
Management Company: Xing Entertainment
Members: ZEN (Nam Jinhyun; Leader), Yoon (Kim Jisang), White (Lee Suhoon), Husky (Woo Hyunmin), Gun (Shin Gwangchul), Kipalang (Jeon Jihwan), Rising (Park Hyunchul), Soul (Lee Injoon)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Memorize MV, Day By Day MV The First Noel MV

Honey Boys
Debut: January 27, 2009 (CD release) / April 30, 2008 (First TV appearance)
Management Company: Excellent Entertainment
Members: Si Woo, Sinnan
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: 4th HITTER MV

Debut: February 13, 2009
Management Company: TOP Media
Members: Rocky (Kim Rok Hyun), Park Dong Min
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Yes! MV

Debut: March 04, 2009
Management Company: SM Entertainment, Sidus HQ, Young Producers Alliance
Members: No Minwoo (SME), Hyeonwoo (Sidus HQ), Lee Jang Woo (YPA)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: That Guy's Girl MV (feat. Yoona of SNSD) Part 1 & Part 2

Mate (메이트)
Debut: April 27, 2009
Management Company: Mnet Media
Members: Im Heon Il, Jung Joon Il, Lee Hyun Jae
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: It's Alright MV, I Miss You MV

R. Tripper
Debut: July 09, 2009
Management Company: Amuse (에이뮤즈)
Members: Joy / Joey (Lee Bae Yeon), W.dop (Go Dong Woong)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: Far Away MV

C.N. Blue
Debut: August 19, 2009 in Japan
Management Company: F&C Music (Korea) / Ai Entertainment (Japan)
Members: Jung Yong Hwa (Leader), Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jung Shin
Ex-member(s): Kwon Kwang Jin
Official Fanclub: BOICE
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: I'm A Loner MV, Love MV

Telepathy (텔레파시)
Debut: September 09, 2009 (or August 14, 2008 if the song they released in the No Future For You tribute album is counted)
Management Company: ?
Members: Gunwoo, Suck, Horsie, Back
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: You're Like UFO MV

Debut: September 11, 2009
Management Company: YJ Music Entertainment
Members: In Seok (Leader), Hyung Joon, Min Ho, Jin Seok, Chang Hyun
Official Fanclub: WAS-I
Official Colour: Purple
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: Bomb Bomb Bomb MV

Debut: October 15, 2009
Management Company: J. Tune Entertainment
Members: Seung Ho (Leader), G.O / Jung Byung Hee (previously Jang Goon of Tykeys), Lee Joon (Lee Chang Seon), Mir (Bang Chul Young), Thunder (Park Sang Hyun)
Official Fanclub: A-Plus
Official Colour: Pearl Chocolate
Links: Soompi Thread, Absolute MBLAQ Forums, MBLAQAttack Forums
Videos: Oh Yeah! MV, G.O.O.D Luv MV, Y MV

Debut: October 16, 2009
Management Company: Cube Entertainment
Members: Yoon Doo Joon (Leader), Lee Ki Kwang (AJ), Yong Joon Hyung (previously Poppin' Dragon of Xing), Jang Hyun Seung (previously SO-1), Yang Yo Seob, Son Dong Woon
Official Fanclub: B2UTY
Official Colour: Pearl Midnight Blue
Links: Soompi Thread, B2ST Rising Forums
Videos: Beast is the B2ST MV, Bad Girl MV, Shock MV, Breath MV

December (디셈버)
Debut: November 06, 2009
Management Company: CS Happy Entertainment
Members: Lee Yoon Hyuk, DK (Han Dae Gyu)
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Videos: Girls Like Bad Guys MV, Love Is So... MV (IRIS OST)

Debut: January 8, 2010
Management Company: CAN&J's Entertainment
Members: Jin On (Leader), LeeU, Kan, Ye Jun
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, Fcuzed Forum
Videos: Jiggy MV, No One MV

ZE:A / Children of Empire
Debut: January 15, 2010
Management Company: Star Empire Entertainment
Members: Park Hyung Shik, Moon Joon Young, Ha Min Woo, Kevin Kim, Jung Hee Chul, Hwang Kang Hee, Kim Tae Hoon, Im Shi Wan, Kim Dong Joon
Official Fanclub: ZE:A'S / ZE:A' STYLE
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, Empire Children Forum
Videos: Mazeltov MV, All Day MV

Dae Guk Nam Ah
Debut: March 4, 2010
Management Company: Open World Entertainment
Members: Mika (Leader), Woo Hyun Min, Karam, Lee In Joon, Jay
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, EnchantedDNA Forum
Videos: Admiring Boy MV, Stumble Stumble MV

Code-V (코드브이)
Previously known as: Bless (블레스)
Debut: June 4, 2010 (Originally debuted as Bless on November 23, 2007)
Management Company: Nia Entertainment (NIAECC)
Members: Taemin (Leader), Sangwoo, Sol, Naro, Jaewon
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread
Videos: December 32nd MV, Homme MV, Addiction MV

Teen Top
Debut: July 10, 2010
Management Company: T.O.P. Media
Members: C.A.P (Leader), Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, Changjo
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, 6TeensOnTop Forum
Videos: Clap MV

Dalmatian (달마시안)
Debut: July 10, 2010
Management Company: Monkey Funch & IS Entertainment
Members: Inati (Leader), Dari, Jisu, Day Day, Drama, and Yeong Won
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, Six-Sound Forum
Videos: Round 1 MV

Double B 21
Debut: August 25, 2010 (Unit Sky) *Remaining 3 units to follow
Management Company: Golden Goose Entertainment from Xing Ent
Members: Unit Sky (Kim Seung Hyung, Jung Man Soo, Kim Wan Chul, Lee Ha Neul, Ji Hyun Sung, Min Jin Hong, Im Ho Jung), Choi Young Won, Im Young Gyun, Hwang Suk Hyun, Lee Tae Woo, Yoo Chang, Dong Ho, Se Hyun, Chang Wu, Dae Gun, Jae Won, Seung Hyun *Remaining 3 members to follow
Official Fanclub: N/A
Official Colour: N/A
Links: Soompi Thread, DoubleB21 Forum
Videos: One MV, SOS MV



Debut: April 24, 2008
Management Company: DSP Entertainment
Members: Park Jungjin (Leader), Lim Hanbyul, Byun Jangmoon, Sung Inkyu, Azuma Tomoki (Tomo), Ding Haiming
Official Fanclub: Eunice
Official Colour: Pearl Purple
Videos: BACK MV, Dynamite MV

Credit: As tagged, solitude & Nydia @ B2ST Rising, blue923 @ cnblue-sky.net, Mardi09, Kpoplists, Daum, Naver, bestiz, Dosirak, Soompi + my awesome Googling skills XD If you want specific credit for something that I've missed (which is a lot), please let me know; I can't remember where half of these images came from.

ETA: If anyone notices that I've neglected to add a male group/duo, or spots something else missing, feel free to let me know. I can't be an expert on all these groups, so if you have pictures or links to share that would fit up there, I'd be more than happy to put them in.

Last updated: October 9, 2010
Tags: battle, big bang, boybands, dbsk, kpop, paran, shinee, ss501, super junior, t.h.e story, u-kiss, xing
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